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Fours is the best 2048 game variation out there! Like 2048 , like pairs of numbers must be matched to merge into one except the numbers 1 and 3. Match pairs of numbers to try to get the highest number you can, but remember the number 1 can only be paired with the number 3 and vice versa . Because of that, Fours - 2048 Puzzle is the most Difficult 2048 game out there! Join the numbers and get the 2048 tile ! But do not stop there! What's the highest tile you can get? 4096 ? 8192 ? What's the highest score you can get?
Fours - 2048 Puzzle Features:
- The most Difficult 2048 game out there!
- Cool , satisfying sound effects !
- Clear font and soft UI that's easy on the eyes !
- Leaderboard

Download the most challenging puzzle 2048 game right now!

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